We’re letting the proverbial cat out of the bag: Burning Man is in your home right now (and we’re not talking about whatever relics you may have in your playa bin). Want to find it? Imagine you are putting on a pair of magic (dusty) goggles that bring more presence and imagination into whatever you’re doing right now. Then make a commitment to yourself to embody what you love about the culture and LIVE IT!

Need Some Ideas?

Surely your inner Burner has a playa bag filled with ideas that we never could have dreamed up. But if you’re looking for some prompts to light that irreverent spark, here are a few places to start.

Play at Home. Play creates an innovative space for exploring present and future iterations of ourselves. And you don’t need a bouncy castle or a puppy to make it happen. All it takes is a little unstructured time, maybe your favorite costume or game, and a spark of imagination to make this very moment a little bit sillier.

Get Sustainable at Home. Look around you (wherever you happen to be). Leaving No Trace means more than cleaning up MOOP (a.k.a Matter Out Of Place) in the Black Rock Desert. It means leaving a positive trace in all the spaces you inhabit as you move through the world. Looking for ways to make your everyday more sustainable? Noted environmentalist David Suzuki offers up dozens of tips and tricks.

Make Art at Home! You COULD make art with fire and massive, welded metal parts. But it probably won’t fit in your living room. You could also make art with recycled and found objects. It’s not about what you make — it’s about creating space to self-express through craft, interpretive dance, poetry… It’s ALL art.

Follow Your Curiosity. We inhabit a world filled with marvels. What are you curious to learn? Maybe you want to take something apart to figure out how it works. Or maybe you want to call your oldest living relative and hear some stories. How can we know? It’s YOUR curiosity.

People Out There Doing It

Thanks to the generosity of Burning Man Project donors, 59 Honoraria artists from eight countries and 14 US states have received grant funding so that they can build art anywhere on the planet in 2021.  Find an art project near you and offer to help or contribute in other ways so the world can experience Burning Man art in our communities this summer or in Black Rock City in 2022.

From David Best Temples, to Empyrean in Santa Rosa, to Temples at Regional events, Burners construct magnificent temples everywhere, as sacred spaces to contemplate, grieve, and heal.

We don’t differentiate between crafting and art. Heck, your knitting circle could be making a sculpture that shoots fire. Feeling subversive? Consider craftivism.

Everyone has their definition of what kind of play makes their heart go pitter patter. Some particularly Burner-y forms of physical play include circus arts, flow arts, and of course dancing.

You can even play at work. In this podcast, IDEO’s Brendan Boyle breaks down the different types of play, and explains why infusing play in your work is one of the secrets to happiness.