Burning Man is wherever YOU are — including these virtual spaces — where playa magic and creativity come to life thanks to an endless supply of pixels, generosity and imagination. Dive in to explore virtual playas, interactive events, and radically expressive community spaces that gather new and experienced Burners from around the world.

Throw Your Heart & Soul into Virtual Burning Man

Put on your sparkly avatar gear, and get ready to go adventuring in six Virtual Burning Man Experiences, co-created by independent teams of wildly imaginative Burners. All will be alive and filled with community and creativity, August 22 through September 7, 2021.

Get your Virtual Burn ticket right meow!

Add your event or experience, or help co-create the Worlds.


Dive into this giant interactive World of concentrated imagination, where anyone can share art, music, performances, hijinks and more. Fill in this form to add your camp or pop-up experience.


Join this creative community of immersive experiences that delight participants and honor the 10 Principles. Follow these easy steps to access BRCvr. Get involved as a world builder or as a volunteer.


Wander a virtual art-filled playa with old friends and discover new ones in Build-A-Burn. Create your camp and share space to brainstorm, bend reality, and authentically connect. Submit your camp to Build-A-Burn.

Dusty Multiverse

Participate in a week-long Burning Man celebration with virtual art installations, music, theme camps and connection. Visit their website to learn how you can bring your Burning Man thing.

Infinite Playa

Meet up with your friends and make new ones as you explore this fully interactive and photoreal virtual playa — a 3D, to-scale environment that features art, live music, talks, performances, games, and more. Fill in this form to add your experience or volunteer.

Burn Week: Global Live Stream

During Burn Week, participate in an around-the-world live stream of artists, creatives, and change makers representing every continent — or livestream yourself! Create a space for your camp, or volunteer to help bring the experience to life.

More Adventures for Intrepid Virtual Burners

You don’t have to wait until August to start co-creating and participating in virtual Burning Man adventures that span the globe. Here are some ways to Burn virtually, year round.

Dive into BURN2, a vibrant and bustling year-round Burning Man Regional community in SecondLife.

Join the Virtual Event Support Team (V.E.S.T.), a dedicated global group of volunteers committed to improving the safety and wellbeing of the greater Burning Man virtual community.

Subscribe to BRCvr’s newsletter to find out about year-round parties on their awe-inspiring virtual playa. And no, you do not need a VR headset to participate.

Join the SparkleVerse newsletter to tap into year-round celebrations and events happening in this wondrous interactive World of concentrated creativity.