Special Recreation Permits

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has stated in a letter that was sent to SRP applicants that it will not be authorizing organized group SRPs. BLM separately informed us that the effective dates for this decision will be from July 1 through October 31, 2021. BLM has said that people can still camp on the playa, but can’t build large art projects, and may be subject to other limitations. Read our recent post for more information about BLM’s June 7 letter.

Commercial Use

BLM has stated in its recent letter that commercial activities on the playa will be prohibited this summer: that would mean no vendors, no deliveries, and no services. Read our recent post, including the June 7 letter from BLM, for more information about what this may mean for your visit.

Vehicle Requirements and Driving Restrictions 

BLM’s letter indicates that motor vehicle use on the playa may be subject to temporary restrictions and requirements for drivers and vehicles, some related lasers and flame effects, and some to riding on top of vehicles.

Takeoffs and Landings

BLM’s letter also states that “aircraft landing, taking off, touch and go’s, and taxiing [may be] prohibited,” but if so, emergency fixed wing and helicopters would be exempted.


Depositing human waste on the playa surface is prohibited. NO PEE OR POOP ON THE PLAYA! For more information about sanitation on the playa, read our recent post.

Waste Disposal and Water

To protect the fragile natural environment of the playa, the dumping or discharge of vehicle oil; petroleum products; other household, commercial, or industrial waste; or gray or black water is not allowed. Check your vehicles and trailers, get them tuned up, be ready to capture and clean up leaks. Under BLM’s new temporary restrictions, you also wouldn’t be allowed to discharge fresh, clean water onto the playa if it would create a “hazard or nuisance.”

Fuel Storage & Safety

If you’re planning to take extra fuel to the desert, you need to be safe, informed, and ready. Think about suitable containers, transportation, secondary containment, spill control and response. Disposal of contaminated dirt and materials needs to conform to Nevada’s hazardous waste regulations. See BLM’s letter for more guidelines.

Fireworks, Explosives & Firearms

According to BLM’s Fire Prevention Order, issued June 22, burning explosive material or using exploding targets, fireworks or steel component ammunition is prohibited on all BLM lands in Nevada from June 25 through October 31, 2021. Please see BLM’s June 7 letter for additional potential restrictions related to firearms on the playa.


Per BLM’s letter, only the burning of campfires is allowed, and they must be contained in a receptacle elevated six inches above the playa surface to prevent burn scars. Watch for fire debris falling on the playa, and don’t risk burning a campfire when it’s windy. BLM is restricting what materials can be burned. Read this post for more information on safe burning including burn scar prevention, and to understand the extent of BLM’s restrictions.

Government Relations

BLM stated in their June 7 letter that their decisions were made with public health and safety and resource protection in mind. We encourage you to be excellent stewards of the public lands and model good behavior by respectfully following all best management practices if you visit the playa this summer.