As Burners emerge from various phases of interruption and self-isolation, we’re all looking for ways to connect. Some of us are only just beginning to explore what’s possible; others are well into planning events and excursions. It’s understandable to feel a little unsteady stepping back into the world. We could all use a little guidance finding our way together.

At our core, Burners are thoughtful, considerate; kind, funny and yes, snarky too. We invite the stranger. We talk to each other — especially that person who may be standing at the edge of the gathering. We participate, and offer help — whether it’s setup, breakdown, or initiating shenanigans.

Whether you’ve been burning for aeons, or brand new to all of this… RIGHT NOW, you could be at Burning Man! We’re not referring to that thing in the desert, and it doesn’t require a ticket, a journey, or a roll in the dust. It’s about bringing your most creative, inquisitive, most playful and resilient self into this very moment. Start small, or go big — whatever works for you. NOW is the perfect time to unite vision and action to create more expressive and meaningful versions of yourself and reality.

Need inspiration? This is your manual for infusing Burner magic, whimsy, and kindness into your corner of the universe. Dive into these pages to learn about Plugging into Burning Man Culture Virtually, Participating as a Burner in Your Home and Community, and Responsibly Visiting the Black Rock Desert.

Tell the global community how you are bringing Burner magic into the world! Share a photo or story on your favorite social channel, and tag it with #burning365.

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