Burners devote SO much energy, time, and resources into our creative and community projects in Black Rock City and at Regional Events. Don’t stop! But IMAGINE what that same amount of dedication could do for people in your community who need a little support? Imagine if your crew put that creative, collaborative might behind a local initiative or organization that needs help? This is how to win Burning Man.

Need Some Ideas?

Work with a Local Organization or Charity. Ask your local community organizations how you and your Burner crew can support or advance what they’re already doing. Chances are they’ll have things to move, stuff to pick up, things to fix, or be looking for the kind of expertise you and your friends just might have.

Meet the Neighbors. It’s amazing how quickly we get to know our neighbors in Black Rock City or at Regional Events. Who lives next door to YOU? Make a point of getting to know your neighbors. Before you know it, you’ll be swapping stories, power tools, and casseroles.

Support Front-line Healthcare Workers. COVID-19 will be with us for a while yet, leading to long shifts and late nights for health care workers. Organize your Burner crew to provide meals, source needed equipment, or share words and gifts of appreciation.

Support Your Local Artists. The past couple years have been particularly rough for artists. Lighten their load by offering a day of work to help out with their wishlist of special projects. Who knew it was so easy to make an artist’s eyes light up with joy? (Ok, we did.)

Burners Out There Doing It

At MOOP the Lake Burners cleaned up 200 pounds of MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) from Lake Tahoe beaches and had a great time doing it, with different themes for each day.

South African Burners are supporting vulnerable communities through Capetown’s Community Action Networks (CAN), self-organizing networks that coordinate social development and relief initiatives.

Burners Without Borders (BWB) helps people bring projects to the world and create a positive impact. Connect with your local BWB Chapter, submit a project proposal or email bwbatburningmandotorg  (bwbatburningmandotorg)  .

En route to Black Rock City, most Burners pass through the lands of the Pyramid Lake Paiute, who call themselves the Numu. Learn how you can support the Pyramid Lake Paiute via The Great Give Back — a coalition organized by Comfort and Joy founder Kitten.

Through the Joy Empowerment Diversity and Inclusion project (JEDI), BWB Portland is supporting local nonprofits by building 40-foot geodesic domes for neighbors living outside in downtown Portland.