Level Up Your Burner Game

With so much of the world shifting to virtual platforms over the past year, it’s now possible to learn anything anywhere, anytime. And yes, that means there’s an online treasure trove of knowledge available to Burners — everything from training and mentoring gritty Burner skills, to learning about sustainability and Radical Inclusion, to conversations and storytelling that enrich your curious mind.

Burning Man Hive is a space for anyone who is inspired by Burning Man culture to learn, share, and connect. This free space offers more than a dozen courses created by community members and Burning Man staff.

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Courses in Burning Man Hive include:

Learn about ways Burners are collaborating to make Black Rock City and Burning Man culture more sustainable.

Sustainability Initiatives on the Road to Black Rock City shares what Burning Man Project is doing, and what Burners can do, to make Black Rock City more sustainable.

Sustainability projects underway at Burning Man Project include:

Learn about Burning Man Project’s continuing work on Radical Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (R.I.D.E.):

What has your Burning Man experience taught you? Here are a few online resources for storytelling and information gathering:




  • Burning Man LIVE podcast will introduce you to people who are creating and inspiring Burning Man culture around the world.
  • Culturally Attuned is a podcast about working across cultural divides, co-created by the US Institute of Peace and Burning Man Project.
  • Accuracy Third is a podcast collecting an oral history of Black Rock City.
  • Into the Fire shares interviews with key figures and profiles of art projects.
  • Radio Check podcast, from the Department of Institutional Memory, features Black Rock Rangers talking about their experiences in Black Rock City.
  • Blueprints is an oral storytelling project documenting knowledge gained from being an active participant in Black Rock City.
  • Burner Podcast features interviews and commentary on Burning Man culture.


Roll Up Your Sleeves and Participate

Ready to put your learnings into practice? Here’s who to contact to get involved:

  • Radical Inclusion, Diversity & Equity: diversityatburningmandotorg  (diversityatburningmandotorg)  
  • Burners Without Borders: bwbatburningmandotorg  (bwbatburningmandotorg)  
  • Sustainability: sustainabilityatburningmandotorg  (sustainabilityatburningmandotorg)  
  • Fly Ranch: flyranchatburningmandotorg  (flyranchatburningmandotorg)  
  • Volunteer for Burning Man Project and/or Black Rock City
  • Support and create Burning Man art
  • Find your nearest Regional Burning Man community