The Black Rock Desert and surrounding area is a second home to many of us — and maybe you are thinking about visiting the playa at some point outside Build Week or Burn Week. . To ensure your plans unfold as smoothly as possible and that our community’s good standing with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and neighboring communities is maintained, please read this section carefully. It’s chock-full of tips for safely and responsibly visiting the playa, should you choose to do so.

Without the usual infrastructure of Black Rock City, you and your group are wholly responsible for your experience, your safety, and your impact. Now would be a good time to break out your old Survival Guides or peruse the most recent version online.

For more information about responsible travel to and on the playa, see the So, You Want to Visit the Playa series on the Burning Man Journal.

Read on for ways to Responsibly Recreate & Visit Local Northern Nevada Communities and How to Stay Safe on the Playa.