It’s one thing to find your Burning Man crew. It’s a whole other thing to roll up your sleeves and start participating in rousing virtual activations, Burning Man Hive co-creations, and interactive conversations. Before you know it, your dance card will be filled with creative and radically inclusive virtual adventures that may start to trickle into your non-digital, day-to-day life.

Discover All the Virtual Ways You Can Plug In & Connect

Burning Man Hive is a space to connect around shared values and Burning Man culture. Join more than 8,600 contributors who are learning together, following courses and advancing conversations on sustainability, Burning Man culture, Radical Inclusion, theme camps and more. Create a free Hive account using your Burner Profile. (Don’t have a Burner Profile? Create one here.)

A sampling of Hive Groups that welcome your participation:

  • Ask a Burner is an open space to ask or answer questions about Black Rock City and Burning Man culture.
  • Radical Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity invites conversation on radical inclusion, diversity, and equity within the global Burning Man community.
  • Renewable Energy Community is a gathering point for Burners who are exploring renewable power technologies within Burning Man culture.
  • Burner Culture is a space to share conversations about Burning Man culture, the 10 Principles, and to explore ways of acculturating new Burners.

In addition to supporting Burners in cultivating year-round communities wherever they live in the world, Burners in the Regional Network create a revolving door of events and meet-ups. Browse the Global Regional Directory to connect virtually with Regional Burning Man groups around the world.

These Virtual Burning Man Worlds welcome anyone to drop in, create and play.

BURN2 is a vibrant and bustling year-round Burning Man Regional community in SecondLife.

BRCvr is a creative community that creates immersive Burning Man experiences. Join their mailing list to participate.

Co-Reality Collective organizes playfully interactive virtual parties. Subscribe to their mailing list to participate in their virtual Burning Man world SparkleVerse and other events.

Looking for someone to help out with a project or wild idea? The Spark Classifieds are filled with Burners like yourself seeking stuff, collaborators and co-conspirators.

Looking for scintillating conversation and information on all things Burning Man? ePlaya continues to be the place where Burners share tips, tricks, and dusty wisdom.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also point you to social media — chances are there’s an online group for each and every Burner-y activity, question or niche you want to fill. Black Burner Project, which documents BIPOC in Black Rock City, is a great place to start. Looking for ways to get the word out about your project? We’ve shared pro tips in “Stop Creating in a Vacuum: A Burner’s Crash Course on Digital Self Promotion.”