Tweaking, fixing, and repurposing are skills many have learned out of necessity in Black Rock City. Making and repairing things are two of the most creative and subversive habits you can take on during this era of easy consumption and waste. Wherever you are in your maker journey, there are all kinds of resources available to teach you skills, share tools, and spark ideas.

Need Some Ideas?

Get Involved With Your Local Makerspace. Whether you want to play with electronics, learn how to use tools, make costumes, or create digital art, makerspaces and hackerspaces are open to one and all for co-learning, co-working, and building everything under the sun. Find the closest makerspace to your humble abode.

Gather Your Crew for a Community Work Party. Put some of those Burner tools, skills, and infrastructure to work by offering to do manual work and repairs for a local family, school, or community organization. Better yet — loan them some of your camp infrastructure.

Learn to Repair and Repurpose Broken Stuff. The world is filled with junk that is one fix away from being useful. Indulge your curiosity by taking stuff apart to see how it works. If it stops working because you tinkered with it, turn it into art!

Burners Out There Doing It

The Right to Repair Movement advocates for repair-friendly policies and standards. Repair clinics and cafes are popping up everywhere. The Culture of Repair Project lists repair events in the Bay Area. Peruse this map to find a repair cafe near you.

Visit Nation of Makers to explore a treasure trove of programs and resources for makers. Browse Make magazine to find more crafty maker projects than you’ll ever be able to start in one lifetime.

The Box Shop, a collaborative art studio and maker space in San Francisco, recently invited artists and muralists to decorate their space and storage containers with vibrant murals. This is just one example of co-creative projects coming to life across the global maker community.

Making your own burn barrel is one easy way to stay warm, and gather storytellers everywhere you go. All you need to do is acquire a barrel, and ask your Burner friends how it’s done (or follow this generic, non-Burner but very detailed Wikihow tutorial). Speaking of burn barrels, next time you’re longing for Home you can run this nonstop Black Rock City burn barrel video as the background to your week.